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To the sisters of the ZTA Alpha Xi chapter, philanthropy means fighting for a cure. Breast Cancer Research and Awareness is more than just Zeta Tau Alpha’s national philanthropy. It is something that touches the women of this chapter deeply and personally. With this profound connection to the philanthropy, the members of the Alpha Xi Chapter are motivated and determined to fight for a cure. The women of the chapter put on an event every October called BMOC, Big Man on Campus. The months leading up to this special night are filled with hard work including planning, passing out thousands of pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness around campus, and fundraising. On that special night in October, the Alpha Xi chapter presents the men’s talent show which showcases the special abilities and expertises of the Indiana University men. Finally the moment everyone has worked so hard for and waited for, the total of money raised for Breast Cancer Research and Awareness is revealed. The money is distributed among the ZTA Foundation, as well as a researcher, Dr. Hari, who works on Breast Cancer lab research.



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